Effects of dating relationship

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Not wanting to go into too many details in the description, I suggest you to read this Love Bondings post to know more about the causes and effects of lack of empathy in relationships.

If you have grown up in a pretty much perfect family, you may not even realize what it is like to experience a feeling of lack of empathy in a family.

Lack of empathy in a marriage can often reflect in children. But barring these exceptions, children do pick up the same things and behave in an unsympathetic way after watching their parents.

If a child sees one parent not caring about the other's feelings, the child will lose respect for that parent as well.

And naturally, these kids may grow up to have certain prejudices or bias about relationships as adults.

Today, it is fairly common to come across youngsters who have experienced such a childhood or have been through similar circumstances in life, who blame failed relationships on a lack of empathy. Some people are not capable of understanding people's emotions.

However, in certain relationships, lack of sympathy can be for two reasons.

It is mostly found that such children have acute fear of commitment, and don't believe in love or marriage.

The best solution in this case is to display affection in front of the child.

Well, some are not so fortunate to have a perfect family, and trust us, it can be terrible, especially for a young kid of impressionable age.

A relationship - any relationship - with a person who lacks understanding can be worse than being alone in life.

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