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But now that my heart had been broken and I realized how incredibly difficult it was to be "just friends" with someone you had a long-term romantic relationship with, I realized I had a lot to learn.

Elisabeth Elliot became a mentor to me through the pages of her book. More often than not, one person has other motives involved.

I also asked this strapping football player if he would be willing to read as we began to renew our relationship so he would understand the perspective I was coming from.

In waiting for God's best for me, I was learning to trust Him like never before.

That young man is now my husband, and we laugh as we recall how he had to go into the Wheaton College library and ask for the pink copy of that was kept behind the counter in the "special collections" area—a place where books couldn't be checked out but only read in the library.

The beauty of thy peace shines forth in an ordered life. In my own story, I thought I could handle being "just friends" after we broke up. But when I firmly decided not to pursue this man I was so drawn to, I was released to trust that God was in control.But in reality, I was hoping that staying in touch would eventually bring us back together. If the young man came back into my life, he would need to do the pursuing.All of my preconceived notions of being in a relationship were thrown out the window. Before reading this book, I had no trouble being the one to make the first call, showing my interest in a "subtle" way.But back in our hometown over Thanksgiving break, he said the words that stabbed me like a knife in the back: "You're like a sister in Christ to me." What?! Being flirtatious just seemed like par for the course.

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