Error the server quit without updating pid file private mutual asia dating site

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The server quit without updating the PID file (/var/lib/mysql/ Check the error logs that is how and why you will be able to fix it and get it restarted.

While yes people do say just move the file and restart the database to by pass this error... Issue 1: "Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table '' doesn't exist." So this is a result of a bad My SQL upgrade, most likely.

(/data/mysql/err) #If that all happens to you, than most probably the issue is caused by SELinux. If you see output below: shell sestatus SELinux status: enabled SELinuxfs mount: /selinux Current mode: enforcing Mode from config file: enforcing Policy version: 24 Policy from config file: targeted #then you have SELinux on.

#(If you see that SELinux is disabled, then probably you have some other root cause and the rest of the post will not be a solution for you.) #You can turn SELinux off by editing file (/etc/selinux/config - update - SELINUX=disabled , save, reboot) #but this will reduce the security of your system and generally not recommended.

If you do run manage to run My SQL server using mysqld_safe, you may have to do this to shut it down before trying the mysql.server bash helper.

Resist the urge to kill -9 [PID] because you can corrupt your data.

You can start My SQL by avoiding the grants and keeping your in place.

# /etc/init.d/mysql start --skip-grant Starting My SQL..

This often comes up for some people so I hope this helps some.Here mysql was not able to write to '.err' file owned by root. After a long trial and error process, finally in order to restore the file permissions, I've just do that: launch the Disk Utilities.appchoose my drive on the left panelclick on the "Repair disk permissions" button This did the trick for me.I had to remove that file and restart the server: I've got a similar problem with My SQL on a Mac (Mac Os X Could not startup My SQL Server. So, the procedure of moving My SQL databases to a "larger disk" on a system with SELinux on described below.Ok, I did it on a virtual machine, so my box is: VMWare Workstation 7.1.5 Cent OS 6.2 (x64) My SQL 5.5.21 I assume you want to move My SQL databases from its default location (/var/lib/mysql) to another disk mounted to /data, such that you new datadir would be /data/mysql So start your terminal and type shell commands (# - preceeds my comments, shell cp -rp /var/lib/mysql /data #Create by coping from some of the sample files provided with My SQL installation #I took "huge", you can take any one whichever suites your situation best: shell vi /etc/my.cnf) by fixing paths for socket file and adding datadir option into [mysqld] section and fixing . My SQL is not running, but lock file (/var/lock/subsys/mysql) exists #Error log is not updated at all ?

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