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I'm not getting the init message Are you sure you flipped the switch in Heroku to activate the worker (the toggle should be blue)?The other common mistake is misconfigured environment variables.This can be especially difficult when you need one for a specific game and don’t know where to look.Scrubbing through obscure forums and unofficial hosting sites to find the right one is process too risky and time consuming for most people, which is why I’ve done that work for you.

Navigate to the "Resources" tab of your Heroku app Dashboard. Click the pencil on the right and toggle the buton so it is blue like depicted and click "Confirm." You're done!I keep getting the init message Remove your init message and it will stop.The init message is really for first setup to ensure it is working. Specify your variable Is there a version of this for Messenger/Whats App/[insert other chat]?Requiring no special permissions, CSGO-Stats Bot makes retrieving player stats, inventory, and ranking fast and painless, without having to leave Discord.Formerly known as Wo W Armory Bot, Blizzard Bot is a great tool for World of Warcraft players in getting quick information on characters, guilds, and realms through Discord.

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