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The once mighty Congress Party, which ruled India for most of the country’s post-independence history, suffered another embarrassing defeat.

It secured 52 seats in parliament, beating its relatively meager 44-seat tally in 2014, but raising major questions about the party’s platform, direction, and leadership.

Prime Minister Modi’s return to office should herald a bright future for Indo–U. relations—if the two sides can manage the trade and sanctions disputes facing them. The process was jump-started by a transformative dialogue following India’s nuclear test of 1998, and crossed several critical thresholds since: a civil nuclear deal and 10-year defense partnership agreement inked in 2005 (and renewed in 2015), the beginning of a wave of major U. arms sales to India in 2008, and the designation of India as a Major Defense Partner in 2016, to name a few.

Throughout this two-decade courtship, the momentum was sustained by an unusually broad bipartisan consensus favoring stronger ties in both capitals. government and is followed by a concluding section.

for consolidating indias position beyond its-11

India’s national elections brought a landslide victory for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while dealing another embarrassing blow to the once-dominant Congress Party. foreign policy success stories of the past two decades.It has been accompanied by troubling reports of anti-Muslim and, on rarer occasions, anti-Christian sentiments, as well as communal tensions, hate speech, and sporadic bouts of violence.Local leaders and grassroots Hindu nationalist movements clearly feel more empowered in the Modi era, and it is not difficult to imagine scenarios in which they could damage India’s social fabric if more extreme elements were to become empowered.There is, however, no evidence that these excesses are the product of a campaign directed by the government or the prime minister’s office.Modi has generally urged restraint from his supporters while underscoring the pluralistic nature of Indian society.

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