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He formed a small community that same year about four miles (six km) east of the city.

Lord Darrell Duppa was one of the original settlers in Swilling's party, and he suggested the name "Phoenix", as it described a city born from the ruins of a former civilization.

He ran unopposed when the other two candidates (John A.

Chenowth and Jim Favorite) fought a duel; Chenowth killed Favorite and was forced to withdraw from the race.

The town grew during the 1870s, and President Ulysses S.

Grant issued a land patent for the site of Phoenix on April 10, 1874.

The Akimel O'odham were the major group in the area.They banded with the Maricopa for protection against incursions by the Yuma and Apache tribes.The Maricopa are part of the larger Yuma people; however, they migrated east from the lower Colorado and Gila Rivers in the early 1800s, when they began to be enemies with other Yuma tribes, settling among the existing communities of the Akimel O'odham.The history of the city of Phoenix begins with Jack Swilling, a Confederate veteran of the Civil War.He was traveling through the Salt River Valley in 1867 and saw a potential for farming.

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