Free adult webcam trial no credit card

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I'm USA-based and I believe the person in the pictures to be as well.

I messaged with this person for awhile but their word choices, grammar, etc.

The end goal is to get people to the other website and sign up for an account.

The link they provided to you is unique so they get credits for all clicks and subsequent new accounts.

Chances are, as you mentioned, the other site starts recurring charges and makes it incredibly difficult to cancel and probably banks on you not wanting to notify your CC company.

They say they cancel, and then don't, or they have crazy terms in the agreement you check the box to (but didn't actually read) that says they can bill you for X number of months or some such nonsense.

Some years back this was a standard Modus operandi of a firm where they would threaten to file law suite and extort money.

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