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The couple had to have some pretty frank conversations early on, she adds, but it’s now become part of the fabric of their marriage.“He’s very conservative, so he was like, ‘Does this mean I have to work against two (sexes)? That’s not what you’re going to have to worry about.

Menzies, 38, identifies as bisexual, and disclosed that to her now-husband as soon as they began dating five years ago.

They’ve now been married for three years.“I don’t hide that from my daughter, I don’t hide that from my family.

It kinda gets annoying that the first questions they go to are sex-based questions. like it can’t be real love.”READ MORE: Polyamory is a world of ‘infinite’ love. Enya, a young woman who identifies as pansexual, told Global News that she and her boyfriend Casper, a transgender man, have encountered the same issues.

While gender identity and sexual orientation are two very different things, the couple does consider their relationship to be mixed orientation.“People have come up and asked us about things that are kind of personal,” says Enya, 19.

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