Fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete

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Experiments were conducted to determine the packing density of different combination of aggregates The packing density of aggregates was determined experimentally, using a modified version of the test procedure described in [21]. Apart from economic benefit due to lower cement content, research has shown that the packing density has significant influence on the fresh and hardened properties of concrete [20].This indicates a void content of 0.323 (or 323 l) of the total volume of concrete. FRESH PROPERTIES OF SELF COMPACTING CONCRETEAfter taking different trail mixes for self compacting concrete, the cube and beam were casted for selected proportion. Relationship between the GTM Segregation ratio and W/B ratio Fig 10.

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This paper compared the rheological properties and compressive strengths of self-compacting concrete (SCC) and conventional cement concrete. The test procedure is as follows [22]Step 1: A mass equivalent of 30 liter of aggregates (10 mm max. size and river sand) was taken according to the corresponding volume proportions in separate plastic trays.Step 2: This three types of aggregates were mixed manually for obtaining a proper blend.Packing density = 1- Void content (2)To achieve maximum packing density, experiments were conducted for different proportions of aggregates. (1) and (2), the packing density of the aggregates was determined.The aggregate combination of (Fine aggregate: Coarse aggregate 10 mm maximum size: Coarse aggregate 20 mm maximum size) by volume resulted in maximum packing density (0.677), and was used in all the experiments.

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