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During the honeymoon phase, however, we are on our best behavior and we definitely aren’t in touch with any of the psychological pain that usually comes up for us in intimate relationships.

Our personal horror stories are locked safely in the crypt where we feel they belong.

It crossed my mind for an instant to introduce Darren to Carlos –why not? But no matter how lonely they were, or how much they felt victimized by the dating scene and a desire to find a real person like themselves, knowing them both, I knew a relationship between them would probably never work.2Part of the reason why relationships, gay or straight, are so difficult, and why the failure to find one is so shame-inducing, is that there is a cultural assumption that we know how to have them.

There aren’t any courses in our primary education that teach us how to have healthy relationships, and proper sex education, on the occasions when it’s offered, doesn’t get the job done.

Thank God, by the way, for this honeymoon period, or there might not be any relationships in the world at all!

It’s between the sixth month and the end of the first year when the relationship enters the second stage: things get “real”, he keeps leaving his socks on the floor, and the crypt begins to open. All the abandonment issues, all the early abuse and incest issues come up in order to be confronted and healed.

If we anticipate this, and we’ve done some work beforehand, the relationship may have a chance.

Some of us can work through these problems with the tools we have.

The online dating services, the workshops, singles parties and paid gatherings where Carlos told me he felt like cattle at an auction as he stood up, held a number in front of him, and announced his whole life to the group in less than five minutes and why he was loveable (but couldn’t get a date on his own).“Sometimes, I just want to give up on the whole fucking thing,” he said.“Maybe I should just face the fact that I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life.”I reassured him that he was wrong, and the conversation brightened as we paid the check and changed the subject.Later, I thought of Darren when I had almost exactly the same conversation with a new acquaintance, Carlos, about the frustration of dating, the exhaustion and constant pressure of trying to be impressive with each new encounter (“It’s like preparing the same performance over and over again without an opening night. ”); of negotiating on which date you sleep with him, and if you choose too early, risking that he may lose interest; of meeting him online and finding out he’s lied about everything including his age, his profession and his 10-year-old picture, and his pleading as you close the door on him that he had to lie about his age or you never would have agreed to meet him in the first place.Knowing how male spermatozoa swim upstream in search of female ova doesn’t tell you how long to wait for someone to call after a first date or whether you should wait at all.It doesn’t suggest how many times to forgive a partner who cheats, what to do if your partner hits you or verbally abuses you, or when to move in together, and if possible, get married, and when, if necessary, to pack your bags and leave.

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