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These scams often involve the scammer claiming to be stuck in Ghana and requesting money to get home.

Online Dating Safety lists some of the most common scams used on Internet dating sites, including scams that originate in Ghana.

To receive the winnings you will be required to send a processing fee.

The scam artist will go underground as soon as your money leaves your hands.

However, the site which appears genuine is usually phony.

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In order for this to happen, your date will need to travel to your home country.You may receive communication from a popular e-commerce website.The email will request you to confirm your email address or click on a link to verify your information.Reports from victims of Internet scams originating in Ghana are listed in several locations on the Internet.Victims of scams use the Ghana Romance Scammers Facebook page to expose scammers, with the aim of preventing other people from becoming victims.

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