Glass lewis backdating

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Read more: Odey hedge fund backs Barrick Gold takeover of Acacia Mining A year later Tanzania arrested three Acacia employees, holding them without trial or bail.

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Soon after Barrick started negotiating directly with Tanzania, cutting out Acacia from the process.All the more reason for companies to adopt policies prohibiting overboarding.Two major proxy advisers have lent their support to Barrick Gold as it waits for Acacia Mining’s shareholders to vote on its takeover bid.Glass Lewis and ISS have in recent days both thrown their weight behind the bid, saying it represents the best value for Acacia’s long-suffering shareholders.Read more: Tanzania allows Acacia to restart gold exports, but bigger problems remain The gold miner has been struggling with an overbearing Tanzanian government, run by President John Magufuli, which has made it virtually impossible for the firm to run part of its operations in the country.

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