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VP of product Miles Norris explained that they’ve introduced verified profiles on Bumble and you can earn a tick by sending in a photo of you copying a gesture, which is checked against your profile.

“It's checked by a machine, by AI, then by a real person, and if it's fine they get a verified profile,” explained Norris.

We doubled it every week.” Soon he found himself with an expansive pool of data, a huge ocean of people looking to find love.

It can recognise any object: cars, apples, people, naked people,” explained Andreev. We say, ' Here, potentially, is inappropriate content. Click here.' But we notify people who are using the platform that it's inappropriate.”Next are the users who are trying to tear down the platform: people with fake profiles, catfishers, bots and trolls and the like.The app was proposed by gay staff members at the company and given the green light by Andreev after he heard their request for something a bit different from Scruff and Grindr.Pedro Mejuto, head of product strategy, was one of the employees who brought the idea of Chappy to Andreev."It's important to understand the importance of the product," he explained."If you have all the marketing [but] no product all of your users will leak." There doesn't seem to be an exodus from the apps quite yet: Andreev is invited to weddings two or three times a week by people who used Bumble to find the one.

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