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Viruses - also referred to as malware - also spread through downloads such as torrents or installation files for a piece of software you want to use.You might think that you’re downloading a movie or some software that helps keep your computer fast and tidy, but in reality, you’re endangering yourself by reeling in a virus.Anyone with harmful intent can just pop one into your computer if you’ve gone off for a quick toilet break.Now that you know what hackers are and how they usually try to gain access, you can start applying some tips 💡.If you don’t update your software and your computer, you’re at risk of being infected by these kinds of viruses.Hackers can also infect your computer by using a flash drive.This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms.

White hat hackers 🤠 seek out (and sometimes publish) vulnerabilities to get companies to fix them, making the internet a little bit safer, one discovery at a time.

These are the basics: a simple list of measures everyone should take.

Lots of people consider updating to be time-consuming.

A virus could also just end up on your computer through online ads and websites that have been hacked.

Even trusted websites can, unknowingly, spread viruses.

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