Harrington method pipestem dating dating antique coke bottles

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Were archaeologists on a dig in that same Essex field as depicted in the Detectorists some 200 years hence to come upon several examples of that same ring pull, they might well date the layer of their excavation which give them up to 1983, give or take.

So it is with pipe stem fragments; they have become one important means of dating archaeological sites of colonial America.

For a couple of reasons, the Detectorists came to mind this past summer while I was on vacation at the North Fork of Long Island, New York.

That exchange captures the gently mocking, almost self-deprecating humor of this superb series.

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Were the average bore hole size of a cluster of fragments from an undated site to fall somewhere within these sizes, it was a good bet the site was probably from the 1650 – 1680 time period. The first preserve we visited was alive with birds even at midday.Despite my clear limitations, in time I saw 14 different bird species including an Eastern Wood-Pewee, a Great Crested Flycatcher, and a Least Tern.The Y-axis for each time period measures the percentage of the stem fragments in that period featuring a specific bore hole measurement. The X-axis presents the range of bore hole measurements in increments of 64ths of an inch.

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