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After a few years of observing the study habits of my students and taking courses on organizational strategies, I have developed a finals review system that seems to diminish the stress (and these study tips will help for all of high school and beyond).What it requires from mom or dad is some genuine restraint when it comes to the inevitable shouting matches that occur when everyone becomes too anxious.This is not the place for an abundance of class notes, it is a more concrete way of assisting teens with discriminating what information is most relevant to the exam.Consider making a finals study time sheet, broken up by hours.Oreos, Cheetos, donuts and chocolate milk – they get giddy just making their list.Now is not the time to threaten your teen with what will happen if things don’t fare well.For more on how to do that, check these You'll get a way better response if you chat about fun, happy stuff (like your new puppy) than serious or sad stuff (like when your puppy got hit by a car).

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Yes, I am health conscious, but finals week is their ticket to junk food heaven.It'll make them feel good and will open them up to you.(If you can't think of an opening line for tip #2, a compliment will do.) You don't have to go all Bozo the Clown, but the idea is to look like you enjoy talking to them.After three hours of consistent work, it’s best to chill out for a half hour.Video games, TV and getting some fresh air are good ways for them to relax.

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