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In which case put up a fight at any cost, get as fit as possible buy her loads of chocolates and try to close down the gap On the other hand it may also be true that it is symptomatic of greater sexual enlightenment and emotional maturity and a rejection of the dogmas and norms of sexual conduct.In which case no worries, but get fit as its good for you anyway for mnay reasons Hi, What more is it but a fantasy?

Take it for granted that reality is another thing and that I value and respect my wife' and her sexual desires.The gist was don't go there as it will only exaggerate your sexual insecurities -get some 'lead in your pencil' and make her yours and make yourself and her believe that you all things sexual to her all of the time.I have lost shape in middle age and am married to a woman in much better sexual/physical condition so it is believable that my fantasy is symptomatic of a subconcious acceptance of a an increasing asymmetry in sexual prowess.Many women believe that i want to 'pimp' or 'whore' them to my friends, but it isn't like that at all - my sexuality is one that requires my female partners to be promiscuous. Sadly due to a combination of a botched medical procedure on her cervix and her regular lover moving away our sex life has taken a bit of a hit.It is unusual, and I haven't met many other men who 'need' their partners to 'sleep around' [I use these terms in quote marks because I'm not happy with the shallowness of the language - it's much deeper], and always, always, consensually and without pressure. Thankfully I met and married a woman who not only listened and tried to understand, but accepted me and took lovers. This naturally has lead to some tension, but we talk, and through kindness and love and support, we're making our way through it.

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