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Goats are herd animals that require the company of their own kind. You might be able to house-train one or a dozen ... You'll be forever known in your hometown as that person who lives with goats. A dog won't work as a goat friend; and, while your goat may love you, you're not a goat. But the fact is, a goat's not a suitable house pet, period.

However, recent research at Florida Atlantic University indicates that great whites can't smell any better than other sharks, and sharks in general can't smell any better than other fish -- but add in the shark's other senses of movement in water and electromagnetics, and it still may not be safe to go in the water.

So are the potted plants, your computer cords and your stereo.

They love paper, so bills, important documents and cash are first-devoured appetizers.

The champion smeller of the insect world is the male silkmoth.

He can scent his ladylove as far away as 6 miles or more, and he can detect as few as one or two of her pheromone scent particles at that distance.

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