How men should write dating profiles

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I am a gal who really struggles with what I should write about myself.

Either having no clue what to write or constantly second guessing is this too much, not enough or am I really that interesting period on paper.

"I was blown away when I read the profile that Jenny had written for me. I couldn’t believe how simply and beautifully it was written.

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No, not Side note: don’t be disappointed if a man doesn’t message you back.I felt so excited putting it on the dating website and, whilst I still got the usual flow of men that have clearly not read my profile and send the same message to lots of women! One of the things I hadn’t expected was for my confidence to grow. Every time I got an email from a man telling me how interesting and great I sounded I felt on top of the world. The guys I’ve dated since my new profile are just what I’ve said I’m looking for., I started to get emails from guys raving about my profile. They’re caring, attentive, grown-up, kind and generous – and a lot of fun too!I began filling out the questionnaire and quickly discovered that writing down my answers was too taxing for me.I was so happy that Michelle had an option where the profile writer talks with you asking you the questions taking the pressure off of someone like me.

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