How to not be intimidating to others

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In other words, there’s no reason for her to be intimidating.She doesn’t use it as a tool to suppress others (even though that’s how others often take it).What if you become intimidated by individuals or groups who are attractive and/or loud.

CBT is a well-researched field and is used by psychologists all over the world when it comes to changing behavior and dealing with feelings.

First of all, here are two changes in mindset we need to understand: Few walk around in life trying to intimidate others.

Often, they don’t even understand that they are intimidating.

As I’ve gotten to know her better she’s opened up about having a low self-esteem.

She feels safer when she can hide behind that perfect surface. An example is a psychopath without insecurities who just wants to intimidate others. Ironically, it’s often those who feel the most need to compensate for their insecurities who come off as the most intimidating.

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