How to spot scammers on dating sites Webcamirani

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The authors tackle hot topics in today’s dating scene, including why dating apps are popular and how to woo a real Russian woman.Romance discusses all different types of scams and explains terms like catfishing.She took her bad experience and turned it into something positive by becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Romance, a website dedicated to protecting online daters from scammers, spammers, and other cybercriminals.Romance launched June 5, 2005 as a resource for singles who were dating in a brave new online world.

Some scammers will invest weeks or months in the con, building trust with someone before asking for money.

They dedicate their time to thoroughly investigating the online dating scene and vetting popular sites and apps, so they can competently sort the legit resources from the spammy click bait.

Chelsea told us that some of Romance’s team, including the Chief Editor, have been scammed in the past and feel passionately about making online dating safer for everyone.

The site began as a Yahoo Group where people talked about scams on dating sites, and it attracted thousands of readers who felt leery about online dating and wanted to learn how to spot fraudulent profiles.

Today, Romance is a comprehensive website that teaches online daters to recognize and avoid common scams.

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