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After legal studies at the University of Bern, Switzerland, he passed the bar exam in 1993 and holds an LL. His other major field of interest is national and international civil procedural law.

Walther is a Lecturer and Researcher at the Institute for Swiss and International Civil Procedure and Private International Law of the University of Bern. In 1995 he started to teach legal research on the Internet and has published a number of articles on legal implications of the Internet.

This unique combination of rural areas and of major cities (Zürich, Bern, Lucerne) was strictly based on the principle of political equality of all participating cantons.

This principle still plays a major role today: Changes of the Federal Constitution must be approved by a majority of the people as well as of the cantons.

In 1960 it joined the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and in 2000 the Swiss people accepted a combined set of seven bilateral agreements with the European Union. Federal Level a) In General According to the Federal Constitution, the political structure of Switzerland consists of three different political levels: the Confederation, the cantons and the local authorities.

Switzerland is a member of many other international organisations. The Confederation only has authority in those areas in which it is empowered by the Constitution. In some areas, the Confederation and the cantons share certain responsibilities.

Each Federal Councilor runs one of the seven federal departments: Decisions of the Federal Council are made collectively through majority decisions and are promoted with a unified front.

This unique practice is known as the collegial system.

The Federal Supreme Court is the final instance of appeal for civil as well as criminal cases.c) The Federal Council (Executive Branch) The federal executive branch, the so-called Federal Council, has 7 members.The Federal Council is elected individually by the bicameral federal parliament for a four-year period.The Federal Constitution is the legal foundation of the Confederation.It contains the most important rules for the functioning of the Confederation and it guarantees the basic rights of the people and the participation of the public.

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