Kyrgyzstan dating

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I can put together some pretty kick-ass itineraries in those places as I know all the good hotels/tour companies and safari guides. I'll be finished with this project in April and head back to Kyrgyzstan."Check out my FUN video clips in Russia and Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind video series and Full Russia Trip Videos!

If I was gay, I think this place would be fantastic because men here are all basically forced into intimate relationships with each other because they cannot have access to women during their youthful hormonal years, I think every man here has has been with another man... so even the hot-shot males (the ones who in our high schools would have been with all the girls) get nothing until they are placed with a woman for marriage.

Anyhow I'm here alone in my house (ok I have bought a couple parrots to keep me company, but thats just to keep me from jumping off the roof, it is no substitute for companionship)...

I'm "writing" a book about it - a photographic guide - for that reason.

Anyhow its a beautiful place with green hills, snow-capped mountains, nomads on horseback, lakes, rivers, its like Colorado must have been in the 1800s.

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