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Sitting down he poured two hefty measures before handing one to Ruby.'Cheers,' he said lifting his glass before taking a sip and promptly putting the glass down on the coffee table.

Looking at her reflection she marvelled at how plump and luscious her lips were and how the red lipstick boosted them.

The first time she met someone was always the best for her, she easily became bored of the cock but rarely did she become bored of the compliments she received.

Compliments that were always inevitable because in the cock sucking stakes, Ruby was definitely ahead of her game, a game that Tim was going to partake in and she would have added whether he liked it or not, but what guy turned down a blow job?

There was Ruby red her favourite for obvious reasons, blood red (the one she wore when she was feeling particularly dominant) then there was sangria, garnet, brick red and the list went on and on.

Each shade was used for a different kind of sucking because Ruby always approached an imminent session with plans as precise and thought out as any military procedure. Tim who looked fairly innocent in the photo he had posted on the dating site.

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