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Big Apple residents scored second overall with the 2,000 men and women surveyed. It tells me he’s full of confidence, forceful but not rude, maybe a little arrogant,” Penny C., a 22-year-old student from Toronto, told the Post. It draws you in.” Charlotte Angus, a 33-year-old Manhattanite, ranked the New York accent more attractive than her native Boston brogue.

“I get a hoot out of listening to the construction workers,” said Angus. New York ranked sexiest among 16.5 percent of those asked — with women twice as likely as men to think so.

They appeared interested, would send a reply, then nothing for weeks.

Yes, one or two doing this is normal, but ALL the ones who responded did this.

Will keep y'all posted I can't understand the bad reviews on here, I have had a good experience.

of course there will be the scammers here and there but on the whole it has been 5 star .

Of course you can stop your payments , just cancel the recurring billing you set up. I eventually just blocked their future attempts via Pay Pal AND my bank, and also am pursuing a legal case regarding refunds for the past year. lol Thank you team without y'all I would never have found my pet.

Good luck to all and happy holidays Everyone says they have never done this before, I have but this time it worked.I then tried to cancel, sent multiple emails to the site to cancel, and they NEVER replied.UPDATE I have sent FIVE emails to them with no reply.The New Jersey accent finished fifth — tied with Canada’s at 7 percent.New Yorkers naturally agreed their accent is pillow-talk perfection.

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