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The confrontational approach that made Taibbi’s name at Rolling Stone — and before that, as a co-founder of the gonzo Moscow expatriate magazine The e Xile — appears to have contributed to internal trouble at First Look.Sources confirmed that Taibbi has been absent from the office for several weeks, only returning on one brief occasion to address the staff. Whatever else anyone in America has as a goal for Trump's remaining time in office, the single most important priority must to be keeping this guy away from the nuclear button. We have the dumbest, least competent White House in history.Matt Taibbi joins us now, political reporter at Rolling Stone magazine.His latest piece, again, “Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? Matt Taibbi: Well, the SEC had a number of different levels of investigation.For instance, Ellen Miller, head of the campaign finance watchdog the Sunlight Foundation — a nonprofit also heavily financed by Omidyar — met with the staff over the summer to discuss how it might dig into issues of money inteam.” Taibbi’s clashes with those at the top are likely to drive further speculation about the fate of the long-incubating project and about the journalist’s own continued involvement. Now we turn our focus to exploring next steps for the talented team that has worked to create Matt’spublication.

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You can’t just unilaterally shred any government document, no matter how insignificant.One of the criticisms of my article, after it came out, was, well, you know, all of these cases, these MUIs that got destroyed, they were insignificant cases, that’s why they didn’t proceed to full-blown investigations in the first place. We know that at least a couple of these cases involved Bernie Madoff in the years before the Madoff story came out.Also, Darcy Flynn, this whistleblower, he also came forward with revelations about his own experience as an investigator.One of the first cases that he talked about was one where he was trying to pursue a case involving Deutsche Bank, a very promising securities fraud case, but it was rejected by the chief of the enforcement division, who shortly thereafter took a job as the general counsel of Deutsche Bank.So we know that this is part of the culture at the SEC.

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