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I think this song was a little bit of a reflection on that.It can make you feel isolated and can perpetuate that sort of virtual living that we all take part in every day with the way that technology is and everything else.The rotunda was definitely an extension of that, and then when we did that show, it was such a powerful thing, we thought, 'Well, why not do a whole tour in either unusual rooms or acoustically stunning rooms where we can really hear our voices ringing out?

(Original song for the new album) Holly Laessig: It kind of started from a feeling of slight paranoia, you could say; some days you walk outside and the climate that we're in — both literally and figuratively — there is a little bit of a battle in your head every day of what's real and what isn't', and who's real and who isn't'.One of the greatest pleasures in life is indulging in our most hedonistic desires.From that extra slice of decadent chocolate cake or a lobster tail smothered in lemon butter, an extra shot of 12 year old rum in your punch to a sensual midnight tryst in the pool and then the Playroom …Go on and GO FOR IT.It was really important to do something to acknowledge our peers and also to try to challenge ourselves to do something that was a little more current. One of them came to our show in Perth, and may or may not have sent a video of our version to [Tame Impala's frontman and producer] Kevin Parker. We really tried to maintain that level of the live experience.Jess Wolfe: And not be too precious about anything.

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