Melina dating batista

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True In 2006, Melina and John Morrison split up as a couple and for a while dated other individuals.

Around that same time, Batista and his wife Angie both divorced.

This led to people assuming there was more to their relationship than just a friendship.

Melina called Batista a great friend and said he was bullied as well growing up.

However in the past, Batista dated Melina Perez for a short duration and both of them acknowledge it. Batista is not getting back together with his exwife Actually, Batista is or might be single.

I don't think there still together I think they broke up I heard Batista dated kelly kelly as well go to for more info about that.

Within the wrestling world, fans are the perfect examples of leading the charge of double standards when it comes to their favorite wrestlers and Divas they cheer for relentlessly.

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Of course, these same so-called fans make their routine bathroom breaks during Divas matches and routinely say they suck.

They wish for the Divas to have the same respect as their male counterparts, yet they have shown that they do not hold the Divas in that regard. Despite tremendous skills between the ropes and an ability to cut a decent promo, she is bashed left and right by wrestling fans all over to the point where they disregard her achievements and speak ill of her to no end.

But he always knew exactly what was going on.’ About not talking about steroids: “It’s a real touchy subject right now.

Former WWE Diva Melina was a guest on The Ross Report.

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