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Call 1-800-338-3030 and tell the Voice of Faith that you would like to reserve your pass for this coming Sunday.

Most folks drive right past the gritty stretch of downtown Los Angeles that houses University Cathedral, a former movie palace whose marquee now advertises weekly evangelical sermons.

But her cordiality can't mask the occasional hard edges—the stern glance at a colleague who digs into his lunch before saying grace, the firm pause that punctuates her oblique answers to softball questions about her upbringing. "I've just begun listening to Pastor Melissa Scott, and it feels like I'm finally being fed real food after starving for so long," one fan commented on a Christian newsgroup.But after her first sermon, someone anonymously mailed churchgoers Easter cards featuring snapshots of a porn star named Barbie Bridges, who looked remarkably similar to Pastor Melissa Scott.One image showed the woman with her legs spread wide, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus postage stamps covering her privates. " banner plastered across her bare chest; underneath, it read: "The Church Where You Can Do Anything ... Scott's Wikipedia page was so vandalized, it had to be removed; Web newsgroups devoted to the church were overrun by users posting more damning photos."I moved around a lot, kind of hodgepodge, everywhere," she says. "Right now I'm kind of disconnected from my family. "He said, 'I'd love to see your collection, and I'd love to show you mine.' I've never been so embarrassed. "As for those who would criticize her for any transgressions in her past, who are you to judge her?Religion should bring people together, but sometimes it tears people apart," she says cryptically. He's got these award-winning rarities; he's showed them to the Queen, showed them internationally"—unlike the ordinary post-office stamps filling her store-bought albums. Scott ordained her his administrative pastor, though she had no formal theological training. " Asked about the Barbie Bridges matter, Scott smacks her berry-stained lips and scoffs. I've seen a good portion of the stuff on the Internet, and honestly, I almost have to laugh at it," she says, flashing the smile again. " That said, Melissa Scott really was a porn star, as confirmed by several acquaintances who knew her when she worked the adult-entertainment circuit as Barbie Bridges.

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