Microsoft forefront endpoint protection 2016 not updating

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Easy enough to deploy it and we have to make sure all servers are protected in the near future for NIST compliance.

After deploying the endpoint protection they still were not pulling updates. I'm mostly sure this is the cause of our servers not pulling updates.

This package will help you install the latest Windows Defender definition updates.

So it will be up to the user of this PC to keep an eye on what’s going on with the system - much like you would manage an AV client on your home computer.For this recipe you will need to be utilizing an account that has at least the SCEP administrator role assignment attached to it. Proceed through the wizard, making your selections as you go.You will also need an account that has local administrator privileges for the PC on which you’ll be installing the client. Make note of the path listed in the Source Folder field then enter this same path into Windows Explorer. Now login to the PC we’re targeting for a manual SCEP installation and insert the media format you chose in step 6. Open a command prompt with admin privileges and enter the following syntax In your case, the path for ep_defaultpolicy will be the installation media you’ve selected. Once the wizard has completed, make sure that the SCEP client is able to download its initial set of definitions.One of these servers just had the client pushed out 3 weeks ago.The only ADR's we have set up are deploying definition updates.

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