Most intimidating chants anniversary dating gift

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In sport punctuated by dead balls and nothingness, the Yanks fans keep the intensity up and seem to be rivals with most every team that sets foot in their house.

A perfect example was the effort of the Miami Heat to create a “whiteout” during home playoff games.

His albums feature images of assassinated politicians and share stories of rape, thug life, redemption, and activism in a lethal mix of messages.

Though short in stature, his spirit and presence, combined with his outfit of army fatigues make his work larger than life.

His voice always sounds angry, and combined with his linebacker-sized frame, witty but hardcore approach to the microphone make Bumpy an intimidating emcee.

He is also part of a biker gang and has worked with the WWE as a rapper/producer on projects in the past, all contributing to his brand of “smack you in the face” rhymes.

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