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Catherine returns later in the season in the episode Andrew.Selina throws Catherine a 21st birthday party, a lavish affair that Catherine clearly did not want to attend as she immediately makes plans to leave early with Rahim.Catherine first appears in the third episode of the series.She arrives at the Vice President's office during a particularly stressful day for her mother, who is dealing with the fallout over the Clean Jobs Bill.In Mother, Catherine becomes emotionally grief-stricken after the death of her grandmother, Catherine Calvert Eaton.However, it is later revealed that due to her close relationship with her grandmother, she has been left the vast majority of her estate, including several family homes. In C**Tgate Catherine tries to talk to her mother in private, finally revealing that her string of failed relationships have made her realize that she in fact is a lesbian.The episode ends with an awkward focus on Catherine trying to process her parents' treatment of her.In 'First Response', a camera crew arrive at the Selina's residence to film an interview with the Meyer family and Catherine reluctantly reveals on camera that she and Rahim had broken up.

To make up for the party, Selina takes Catherine out to dinner the next night with Andrew.

Her son, Richard Meyer-Palmiotti, was born in January 2019.

Despite her reservations over her mother's career Catherine often takes on the jobs that Selina's spouse would do such as holding the bible when Selina is sworn in, appearing in interviews to show Selina's home life and accompanying her mother to campaign events.

After a conversation that Selina turns more into a political negotiation, Catherine agrees to publicly apologize for the paper's content in exchange for getting to spend most of Thanksgiving weekend with Rahim and his family.

Catherine then watches with obvious but silent vexation as her mother meets Rahim and immediately starts digging into his personal life looking for potential political pitfalls.

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