Ms abigails guide to dating mating and marriage mike morris san diego dating

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Those books are also filled with reprinted newspaper columns and questions from friends, so by the time all the royalties are worked out for this show, presumably most people will be owed a nickel.

Most of the play’s potential pacing problems are solved by encouraging the aud to be boisterous, a trick Davenport used in “My First Time” and “The Awesome ’80s Prom.” Aud members fill out a form with a question for Miss Abigail to answer; several hapless folks are called on stage to flirt awkwardly with one another; Paco develops an intense rivalry with the one guy Miss Abilgail pulls up on stage to aid her in Paco’s absence.

Ruth meets Emily Post), and her sexy sidekick Paco, as they travel the world teaching Miss Abigail’s outrageously funny “how-to’s” on dating, mating and marriage! like how to have a perfect kiss (it’s all about lip position) .

However, due to the structure of audience seating, not everyone may get to properly see the set.

The stage is at about the same level as the audience, a disadvantage for smaller folks.

Unfortunately, the show's over-reliance on audience participation and a somewhat monotonous performance by star Eve Plumb (best known as Jan from The Brady Bunch) undercut the evening's potential for embracing this unusual woman.

Davenport, who has also directed the play, clearly intends for the audience to be part of the action, as Miss Abigail often prompts her mentees.

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