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This is the best place to get craft beer in Muncie hands down!

They have 9 or 10 glass doors that open up to there stocked cooler of craft beer! They also update you on beers coming into the store on twitter which is nice!

They ended up getting Hopslam in stock about a month later. You really have to pay attention to the dates to ensure what youre getting is fresh.

If you're lucky enough to meet Brewer Bob, listen to what the man has to say.Of course the majority of the clientele here is the typical college bruiser who just wants some bottom shelf liquor and Keystone to chase, so most like the atmosphere just fine. Talked to a couple guys there that really knew their stuff. Gladly drive the 30 min to offer my support and money!The employees aren't very friendly, but they will consistently ask if you need help finding anything. The Friendly Package on Jackson really is the only place in Muncie to get good craft beers.They also have a great selection of Bells, Founders, and Stone.With the Mix Six Pack for a dollar off you really can't go wrong with this place by far the best liquor store in Muncie.

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