My opinion on dating

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It doesn’t matter how many dimples a guy has or if he has a cute accent or nice hair.The only thing that turns most women on is emotional intelligence and a little bit of overall maturity.Here’s why the man-child is making our lives exponentially harder.It makes older men basically the only dating alternative.The bar is so low, anyone with a pulse is basically considered a catch.If all guys are babies, it becomes the norm and expectations are lowered accordingly.It lets guys off the hook for being immature and irresponsible.

Compared to many of today’s “men,” most women are adults in the extreme, and apparently they’re insecure enough to interpret maturity as prudishness. Imagine being 12 and only seeing guys who act your age.

Why do women have to be responsible for everything? At a certain point, we just want to have a steady relationship and when all the options are disappointing, we end up lowering our standards.

Pretty much every guy we date now seems to think we’re also his mom, which is completely obnoxious. This just encourages guys to keep slacking off and not try to improve.

No offense to older men, but we don’t really want them to be our only dating option.

The first time we date a guy significantly older than us, it’s a revelatory experience.

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