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A huge part of the popularity of Twitter, Facebook, My Space, and other social networking applications is the ability to integrate them into any website with the use of widgets.Connecting your site to social networking can be as easy as cut-and-paste with these resources.

For example, a 48% would be 4.8 making you/him just over 4 and a half inches, or 72% would be 7.2 making you a tiny bit over 7 inches.

Some widgets are developed by the social networks themselves, and some are independently created as freeware, shareware, and software that you can get for free.

There are many different ways to find out about widgets, but one of the best is to visit the Widgets Lab (" The number one social networking site has some of the best widgets for your site, and with over 600 million users, odds are the visitors to your site will enjoy using the familiar Facebook tools.

They're called social networking sites because they allow people to interact by sharing news and personal information, photos, videos, as well as communicate through chatting or messaging one another.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of social networking sites on the internet.

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