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There’s really only one way to fold a fitted sheet without succumbing to the frustration that usually accompanies the task.

The elastic bands do present an issue, see, and most of us end up shoving unfolded linens into our closets… With a bit of math, we can determine that a brand-new deck will be effectively randomized after seven traditional (or “riffle") shuffles. Apple’s position is that the headphone jack is an old technology, and that its removal allows the company to produce better phones with more features.

We all know by now—or at least we should—that what our history textbooks told us in school is not exactly the gospel truth.

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The Face App mobile application does present some serious privacy concerns, based on a reading of its terms and conditions. You might say the books you read when you were a child are some of your fondest memories growing up. Time and centuries’ worth of oral and written tradition tend to distort and reshape the facts to…Much like the question of whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich (it isn’t, really), the answer here depends on how you define the terms.Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition of soup: “A liquid food especially with a meat… While you might not spend much time thinking about these strange body phenomena, they’re fairly complex neurological events. First of all, understand that your risk of a shark attack is incredibly small unless you purposely swim around sharks.

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