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Listen everyone close your eyes for a bit,think,think,think,we must think of long term plans for every survivors not just helping them by just a pack of relief goods,a bottle of water or just by clothes.As u give to someone,time will come that you're the one who become needy,in times like this God showed us his the corrupt Government becomes greedy for money as God showed the whole World how Philippines will act for such a catastrophe like this.

Just remember that I can be a good friend but a bitter enemy, get it?

The super typhoon Yolanda can already be seen thru weather satellite before hitting the affected areas in the Philippines,on how big the storm is,and how Yolanda cover almost the entire country, is it already a sign how Yolanda's Rage will make a catastrophe to the areas that affected.

But the only preparation for a zero casualties is to avoid the typhoon by living the affected areas,but no one predicted how badly the effect will be,how the water from the ocean swept away the houses near the coast,how the strong wind will smash the trees into the ground.

Thousand's have died,almost a million suffered,no houses to shelter,no bed to sleep,no food to eat,no water to drink,one lost her father,one lost his brother,one lost his son,one lost his entire family or even his pet.

The result is Rage as day's gone by without everything left to them,some survivors were looting everywhere,looking for something to eat or taking anything they could find for some reason,they just wanted to survive not in a day but for a long term,imagine a place everyone was a survivor like for example some movies we watched about surviving in a deserted island,but this one isn't a normal for us to see dead bodies in the streets as we woke up in the morning? the question here if you were in their shoes how can you managed all those things when everything in your life was taken away in just one day?

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