Play count not updating itunes 11

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--when the played count property of an i Tunes track is changed with Apple Script.If i Cloud Music Library or i Tunes Match is enabled, the value will revert to what it was before being changed by Apple Script.

I am not sure if versions of i Tunes prior to are affected or if, perhaps, the bug also occurs with a track's skipped count (I wouldn't be surprised).

Visit Stack Exchange I'm running Apple Music on my mac and i Phone.

I have an album in My Music, so the plays should be syncing, but the play count is not being effected by music played on my phone.

Comparing the playcounts of the old and new library can( for example) be done in Excel.

Simply select all the songs in Itunes (CTRL A, CTRL C) and paste them in Excel (CTRL V), don’t forget to sort by name first. Ciao, Raphie For Windows you can either use the scripts from Or I wrote an updated version with a dialogue box available at Chrome won't let you download the script as it is a zipped windows script file so use Firefox or something else to get it.

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