Ponder dating sideline reporter gta 4 ps3 dating carmen

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When things go bad and life doesn’t feel it’s all happy and everybody loves you, when you throw a couple of picks and the fans are booing you, how do you still treat people? You start putting up every little picture of what you’re doing. I’m annoyed with myself.” BS: You seem to have fun on Twitter (@samsteeleponder), while Christian seems a little more reserved (@cponder7). To be honest, we haven’t had a lot of time for that. We just moved into a new place, and that was the first thing we did — we put up a Nerf hoop. Our lives are so hectic that when we do get time together, which is rare, we like to relax. BS: You’re in the media, and people in the media can be critical. I have an appreciation for the NFL and I love what Christian does, but there is nothing like a 75-degree Saturday afternoon standing on the football field, watching guys run out with 80,000 people around them.That’s one thing I can say about Christian: He treats people well and does not change the way he interacts with fans or anything like that because of the response they’ve given him. Have you talked to him about opening up a little more on Twitter and in interviews? With my job, I get to be a little more interactive. BS: If you were interviewing Christian, what would you ask him? There’s something special about the environment in college football.

She later became the network’s sideline reporter on “Thursday Night College Football” and co-host of “College Football Game Day.” I talked with Samantha Ponder on Monday about her relationship with her husband and its impact on her life and career. We thought maybe people would be like, “This is crazy.” We had all the foundational stuff right. Granted, there are things I learned about him after we got married. I tried to stay away from knowing every opinion about Christian. Everything you do, you get, “You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re pretty, you’re stupid.” You get every opinion out there. Usually these guys are all following porn stars or who knows what kind of women.

Approached Friday, Ponder, who’s more known for his passing, was proud of his new catch.“I’m proud of the relationship, I can brag,”Ponder said.

“I have bragging rights.”Ponder said Steele has visited him in Minnesota often since the relationship began a couple of months ago.

With Christian, immediately, I didn’t already know he wasn’t the one. I’ve heard people say, “When you know, you know.” That’s really how it went down for us. This is weird.” He was always asking me random questions about living in Austin. He doesn’t come home after a game and, if somebody says he sucks, all of a sudden treats me differently. I’m so sick of Johnny Manziel signing this and this guy signing this.

Nothing creepy, but that was our original connection. Those were the things when we were dating that I got to see that were really important to me. All the interactions on Twitter and Instagram, all that stuff is so addicting. Last (Sunday) night, we played a pretty long game of Nerf basketball. I love the game and the environment when those guys roll out of the tunnel.

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