Practice dating meetup

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You can get my Circling book by entering any donation amount in the “Name a Fair Price” box below (including zero).

You can also get my Circling book in Print, Kindle, or Audiobook format. (you don’t need to have purchased the book to leave a review). Circling is a group conversation practice that usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half, and involves 3 to 9 people.

But are aiseki izakaya only for people interested in romance? Aiseki izakaya could be a good way for foreign people living in Japan to practice and improve their Japanese.

I gathered a group of willing foreigners and went to an aiseki izakaya, called Aisekiya, to test my theory.

It is possible, however, to have it go on for days and to engage as many as 50 people or more.

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The first thing you see is a big, important looking sign with ten Aisekiya commandments written on it.If you use your best judgement and don't wear flips-flops, you should be fine.If you mess up, there are some shoes at the Ginza location you can borrow. Although there is no bartender to make drinks for you, you can make your own.With both of these teams, we were able to cover a wide spectrum of Japanese levels. Ginza is a popular nightspot for salarymen and women, and the customers at Aisekiya's Ginza location reflected this.But please keep in mind these are the individual experiences of only four people. Although I haven't been to all the Aisekiya in Japan, I imagine the customer base is a lot of younger working people, no matter where you go.

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