Problemsupdatingtoadualcorecpu not anymore

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For R6 Siege it means that your game will stop working all together."duh buy another processor" why should I when this worked perfectly?

I can't buy another one, and if you are not gonna buy me one then shut it.

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Add "I don't have any money right now" to the equation and you have a nice result.

I agree with you totally, I need like 0/8 bucks to like upgrade to a am4 socket motherboard, a cpu, and power unit, I posted something about dual core cpus and if they can bring back support, NOPE, I was planning to save up that much money till my bday but i have to wait more, not untill my bday, Like i have no time to save money because my bday is in like July, I have to wait like a few weeks after my bday to upgrade, screw ubisoft, I mean i wouldn't call Rainbow a furniture or a shit in my libary, it's a cool and good game, Screw ubisoft.

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