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Note='" & str Note & "' Where Work Order Item ID=" & Convert. To String Execute Non Query("Update tbl Work Order Item Set tbl Work Order Item.When I take a standard Grid View, bind it to a Data Table and dynamically wrap it in an Update Panel at run-time, the Row Updating event stops firing my handler. all of the other events are firing except the Row Updating event..the update and cancel selectors do not go away, clicking on update seems to be ignored).The Row Cenceling Edit and Row Editing events are called just fine.

good day to all, i'm also having the problem of the Grid View1_Row Updating event not firing... the gridview is inside an update panel and the columns are generated in code behind...Text = "Unable To Find Date." End If If Not Is DBNull(Session("Due Date")) Then lbl Date Due. Text = "Due Date Not Found." End If Bind_Data() End Sub Private Sub Bind_Data() Using con As New Ole Db Connection(Configuration Manager. Connection String) Dim cmd As New Ole Db Command("SELECT [tbl Work Order Item]. Note FROM (tbl Work Order Item INNER JOIN tbl Work Order ON tbl Work Order Item. Parameters Dim my Param As Ole Db Parameter = my Param Collection. Work Order Item ID,[tbl Work Order Item]Grade AS Item,[tbl Work Order Item]. I'm writing a custom control that will automatically wrap controls in an Update Panel dynamically at run-time. // You can try Auto Generating the select and delete buttons to see the grid exhibit different behaviour // too. I've written a quick tutorial on my blog: am having somewhat of a challenge though. Can anyone offer help, or have you seen the problem yourself? The comments are in there to illustrate the problems I'm having. Drop a Grid View on the page, set the Auto Generate Edit button to true and paste the rest of the code here over the contets of the cs code-beside page.

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