Safari not updating web page

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Unfortunately, MU is far behind in its listing of Safari Technology Preview; Therefore, I recommend downloading it DIRECTLY from Apple via their Developer website at this page: Details about the Safari 12 ' Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit' are available here: https:// might help: OS_High_Sierra_and_mac OS_Sierra_beta_1/Safari_12.0.3_for_mac OS_High_Sierra_beta.dmg OS_High_Sierra_and_mac OS_Sierra_beta_1/Safari_12.0.3_for_mac OS_Sierra_Safari 12.0.2 for High Sierra: Sierra Safari 12.0.2 for Sierra: contains a critical vulnerability, currently titled ' Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit'.

The vulnerability exists in ALL versions of Safari 12 through 12.0.2.

HTTPS means that all communication over the Internet for that page is encrypted and prevents any unscrupulous third-party from seeing or mutating the content of the page.

i Phone and i Pads running i OS 12.2 or later (or Macs with Safari 12.1 or later) will now say if the current Safari page is using secure HTTPS connection to the server, or not.

Not only does this version block me from my health sites, it has also wiped out every single one of my passwords and all of my extensions, rendering my computer basically worthless!

If Apple does not revert back, I will never again purchase another Apple product. And Safari can't hurt your passwords - you've mucked it up yourself somehow. ) The only sites that Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera block are suspected malware sites, and you can always 'agree to proceed with the risk.' And Safari is free, by the way - you didn't "buy it."IMPORTANT!

A few years ago, websites would only use HTTPS for secure pages like banking, or the checkout form on a store website where you are entering sensitive credit card credentials.

As privacy and security practices have developed, it is now expected that all pages on the Internet should use HTTPS — even if they don’t collect sensitive information like account logins, passwords, or payment details.

I suspect there may be a conflict somewhere with 12.0.3 and something on my Macbook, but have no clue as to what it is.This is because HTTPS removes the surface area of exploits as all loaded resources on the page must be appropriately protected.HTTPS also prevents a criminal from snooping on your connection at any point in the chain, like a compromised ISP or public Wi Fi hotspot.While working on HTML I and testing offline, you know changing the code and refreshing the browser, nothing is happening anymore. We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. I use a private window or icognito as in Chrome so its not cached. Both Firefox and Safari seem to not care about refreshing to reflect the changes. Even if I upload the new file to the server and refresh in FF it is not showing the new code styles, I have emptied cookies. Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations.

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