Scammer dating format

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I have received so many messages from people asking me to teach them the 419 scammer format to dupe their clients.

This is always the first step towards any type of scam you want to carry out including the 419 Nigerian scams.

Since I have listed the best countries where the 419 scammer format can work, it is advisable to go where you can find them.

Before you start reading and learning how to use the 419 scammer format – which is also known as the Nigerian Prince email scam format, there is something you should consider.Okay, this was the strategy that people who initially invented the 419 scammer format was using.They would get several personal emails of people both at home and abroad and start bombing them with an email format that goes thus; The above email is exactly how they bomb people’s emails with messages and hope that someone would fall prey to their antics.Nobody wants to waste their time with a client that is even broke to pay their own bills. Before you decide to use the 419 scammer format to bill your clients, you must know if the client even has that type of money.I will show you a conversation format that can help you; You: What do you think about financial investments?

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