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Despite the late start, Pak still managed to win 30 amateur tournaments in South Korea. Over the next two years, she played 14 events on the Korean LPGA, winning six of them and finishing second in seven others. Pak won again the next week at the Jamie Farr Kroger Classic, then won yet again two weeks later.

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Even the president of the United States wants to know why the South Koreans have passed the Americans in women’s golf.

When inducted, she became the youngest (age 30) living player so honored. She thus inaugurated one of the most important trends in women's golf at the turn of the 21st century.

Pak won a 20-hole playoff for that victory, making that tournament - at 92 holes in length - the longest tournament ever in women's professional golf.

Despite all the rigor she endured, Pak has always been known for her bright smile and friendly disposition.

However, the imposed stress of her journey and the pressure of carrying South Korean hopes took its toll. In 2005, Pak completely lost her game, her best finish a tie for 27th.

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