Sergio di zio dating

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And the saddest thing is that he does not even have a girlfriend. By this age, a lot of men get married and have lovely children. There are chances that he might be dating someone secretly. The reason behind this is that if Zio was dating someone, it would have come in limelight anyhow.

If you go through Zio’s official Instagram profile, you will hardly find his photos with women, but there are many posts in which he is seen with men.He has starred in much other television series throughout his career.Some of his popular works include The Lookout, The Boondock Saints, Cinderella Man, and Senior Trip which were also a success with his well-known Flashpoint Series. #Thea TO U7np Yz VZ Returning to live theatre & part of a stellar ensemble in @Cookie Riverside Pulitzer-winning “Between Riverside and Crazy” at The Coal Mine.Sergio Di Zio born on September 20, 1972, is a Canadian actor and writer, popularly known as Spike from the TV show Flashpoint.

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