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Four broad categories need to be addressed: At least one spouse must live in New Mexico for six months before filing for divorce.

That six-month prerequisite does not apply to a legal separation.

In New Mexico, a couple that pursues a legal separation must go through the same legal process as a divorce, which includes filing legal paperwork, addressing the same legal issues the arise in a divorce, and appearing before a judge (if the couple can’t agree on all issues).

The major legal difference between the two options is that after a legal separation, neither spouse is free to re-marry.

Once these documents are approved and signed by a judge, and the paperwork is filed in the clerk's office, the divorce will become final. You aren’t required to hire an attorney, and many people do represent themselves, particularly those involved in very simple divorce cases.

Similarly, debts owed before marriage continue to be separate debts.

The proceeds from separate property also remain separate.

They can do this by sitting down at the kitchen table and negotiating directly with one another (in the case of a very amicable and simple separation or divorce).

Couples that may not be able to negotiate on their own, or who have more complicated issues, can hire their own attorneys and possibly a third-party mediator to help facilitate in-person settlement discussions and negotiations.

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