Shahid kapoor and priyanka chopra dating

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Shahid Kapoor who split with Kareena Kapoor after years of dating, managed to keep his passionate love affair with Priyanka a secret for quite some time.Shahid Kapoor allegedly fell in love with Priyanka during the shoot of ‘Kaminey’.Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra featured in many Bollywood movies.Probably, with growing compatibility, in real and reel life, both garnered enough limelight for their alleged relationship. As per the sources, Twinkle Khanna asked Akshay Kumar to keep fine a distance from Priyanka Chopra.Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor brewed enough chemistry in 2009 movie ‘Kaminey’.From growing alleged relationship to rumours of getting enagaged in a private ceremony, Pee Cee and Sasha stayed in the same apartment for quite some time.

Let’s go down the memory lane and have a look at the past relationships of this ‘Quantico’ actor.However, both parted ways and chose their own respective paths.Read More: Wedding Decor: This Is Why Lighting At Weddings Play An Important Role Who is Gerard Butler?Surprisingly, Gauri Khan, who shared a good bond with Priyanka Chopra, asked Shah Rukh Khan to maintain a difference.Is it the real cause behind Priyanka Chopra’s keen interest to Hollywood?

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