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The album garnered high sales and, once again, the band found themselves in another slew of tours.

He's one of the most overrated producer on earth, with getting billions of views on his youtube videos and followed by many sheeples and faggots fanboys like him.He was a no one before bangarang, but he's now considered "King of dubstep" by many normalfags and sheeples." Dubstep was the most underground form of dance music for several good years before Rusko and Skrillex starting making music that sounds like gay robot sex. in songs like bangarang you could question the genre it is labeled as as well as there are allot better artists out there e.g Pegboard Nerds, Droptek or Tristam """tbh, I think that kind of music is just annoying noice.What's the point of making a song of just a beat? After going through a successful surgical procedure, Moore informed the band he would be permanently resigning to work on a solo career.Moore would spend the next few months releasing demos via Myspace.

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